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Who Needs a Will?

The short answer to this is that everyone needs a will. Having a Last Will & Testament is not only your final determination of where your property will go at your death, but it also determines what happens to property in unusual situations. For example, if you execute a Last Will & Testament, but only minor grandchildren actually inherit your property, your Will can tell the Court how old the children should be to receive the full amount of the property, or if it should be distributed over many years. Likewise, your Will could set up special trusts to protect disabled loved-ones from losing benefits.

4 Tips to a "Successful" Doctor's Visit

Going to the doctor is one of those necessary evils in life that we all need to do from time to time. While it's never something one looks forward to, there are a few tips to making the visit beneficial-to both you and your doctor. And while going to the doctor is never something you'd put at the top of your wish list, I'd guess staying healthy is on everyone's list!

When a Will Isn't Quite Enough

We put on a lot of educational workshops for our community. We discuss the difference in a Will, a Power of Attorney, a Healthcare Directive, and a Living Will. We talk about planning to avoid probate and to prepare for Long-Term Care Costs. And we talk about the big T - trusts.


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