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Resolving Debt Issues To Avoid Litigation And Without Filing For Bankruptcy

Last updated on June 29, 2021

Filing for bankruptcy is not necessarily the only option to get out of debt. Often a single debt, or several debts, may lead to creditor lawsuits without the need for bankruptcy as a solution. If you do not have enough debt to justify filing for bankruptcy, but you still need an option for resolving debt disputes, you may need the help of a debt negotiation attorney.

Debt negotiation allows you to work out a new plan to resolve debt issues without a lawsuit or the need for bankruptcy protection. Our lawyers will discuss your individual circumstances and provide you with a full view of your legal options. We have experience negotiating issues with creditors to resolve debt issues and allow our clients to obtain reasonable settlements to eliminate the debt problems under reasonable terms.

At Burnett & Griffin, PLLC, this is exactly what we do. Our attorneys have helped  Kentucky clients negotiate debt settlements with vendors, local creditors, as well as powerful national lenders. Debt negotiation may be a good option for you if you have:

  • Credit card debt
  • Medical debt
  • Business debt
  • Certain types of other loans

Take your finances back into your own hands. Seek our debt resolution lawyers  for help in negotiating new terms to resolve your debt.

Beware certain debt negotiation companies that claim to be able to lower your debts. These services are often scams that simply take your money and wreck your credit. Always consult an attorney before working with a for-profit debt settlement service.

Avoid Lawsuits And Keep Your Costs Down

One of the biggest benefits of debt negotiation is that you can usually avoid a lawsuit. Many creditors will not hesitate to use litigation to recover outstanding accounts. These creditors often have deep pockets and can pursue a lawsuit as far as necessary to collect.

The last thing you need is costly litigation in addition to your existing debts. We at Burnett & Griffin, PLLC, prioritize avoiding litigation through strategic and assertive alternative dispute resolution. This also keeps your expenses down, as negotiation tends to cost less than a lawsuit.

Get Us To Negotiate Debt Settlements For You

You probably feel overwhelmed and stressed by your many expenses. We are on your side. You can reach out to us to speak with our team members about debt negotiation. To schedule an initial consultation, call our Elizabethtown office at 270-506-0246 or send us an email.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.