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Estate Planning: Making Your Final Wishes Clear

Estate planning is a key part of elder law because it clarifies a person’s wishes related to end-of-life care and how to distribute his or her estate. Many adults put off estate planning because talking about these issues can be uncomfortable. And many of us assume “there will always be tomorrow” to address it.

At Burnett & Griffin, PLLC, we make the sometimes complicated issues associated with estate planning in Kentucky easier to understand. We believe in creating a peaceful, private space where we can listen to clients’ deepest hopes and concerns and help them create documents that lay out a plan for executing their desires when they can no longer speak for themselves.

Expressing Your Final Care Needs

One subset of estate planning documents covers how you would like to be cared for if you are no longer competent to direct your own medical care or you are physically unable to communicate with health care personnel. There are two main pieces of documentation that can instruct your family and your medical team about your wishes:

  • An advance medical directive, which will describe your desires related to treatment designed to prolong your life
  • A medical or health care power of attorney, which designates who has the power to make these decisions for you if you can no longer make them yourself

When crafted carefully by an attorney, these two documents can work together to help your family and health care providers deliver the type of care you want if you are in a life-limiting condition.

Expressing How To Distribute Your Estate

The other half of estate planning concerns the distribution of your possessions after death. This is usually accomplished through wills and trusts, which can name who should receive your property (in the case of wills) and can safeguard your property and assets and transfer them seamlessly to your beneficiaries (in the case of trusts).

Regardless Of Your Estate’s Size, Planning For Its Future Reduces Stress

Making decisions about your property and assets now saves confusion, conflict and questions later. Our firm’s lawyers serve estate planning clients from our Elizabethtown office, and we can make site visits to hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Call 270-506-0246 for a free introductory appointment or email us to schedule your consultation.